I was always interested in Feng Shui but never really knew where to go to learn about it. That was until I heard Laurie speak at a presentation and I fell in love with Laurie’s caring spirit and knowledge. The first thing I did that evening was get on line to sign up for Feng Shui In A Day course and it’s history from there. Laurie is so professional, knowledgeable and generous with her time. There is not another person or school that I would have wanted to learn Feng Shui from the ground up. It was an amazing experience going through the certification process with Laurie and Feng Shui School of Chicago. Not only has it changed my life in a very short amount of time, but it has changed the lives of many people I have worked with.

Jan Hamning

Massage Therapist

I first attended a Feng Shui class several years ago. It was Feng Shui in a Day. I learned so much, went home and made suggested adjustments to our house that resolved family issues. I was so intrigued by the practice of Feng Shui and so enjoyed Laurie’s teaching style that I immediately signed up for the next level classes up through certification.

Laurie is an amazing mentor and teacher. She is quick to answer any question and offer suggestions. The wealth of her knowledge knows no bounds. Throughout the year, she offers additional learning opportunities both in-person and online. Her Chinese New Year celebrations and teachings are always a must-attend event. Every time I attend a teaching or talk to Laurie I discover something new.

While my Feng Shui practice is currently limited to my home and businesses, several of my classmates have started their own Feng Shui consultant businesses and are prospering. I highly recommend the Feng Shui School of FL and Laurie Pawli for anyone wanting to learn Feng Shui for themselves, to incorporate it in their current business, or to start their own practice.

Laurren Darr


As an Interior Designer and Certified Real Estate Stager, The Feng Shui School of Chicago has been an invaluable key to understanding the invisible depth of creating a well-being environment for the Dwelling and Chi of the client.  I highly recommend Laurie Pawli‘s Red-Ribbon Professional Consultation classes and field study.  Your life will change forever.

Randa Clark

Randa Clark Design, LLC

I am so very grateful to you. Thank you for making room, I’m sure I got the last seat. It was an awesome event… you are an incredible speaker. Everyone at our table had a fabulous time, and by the looks of it so did everyone else. Also, you are very much respected and loved by all. We were sharing how we met you and our connection to you. So many beautiful things were said.

Alix Haisha

Flight Attendant

I hope you know how many wonderful opportunities that you have  brought into to my life – meeting you at Barnes and Noble was my lucky day – Feng Shui- Create Your Life- Chinese New Years – shamans and stupas in Sedona. I appreciate you and your gifts- that you so graciously give to those that are in your circle.

Jody Hallahan