About Us

Hello! Thank you for visiting The Feng Shui School of Florida, which is recognized as a Gold Level School by
the International Feng Shui Guild and teaches Feng Shui guidelines based on BTB, the front door of the space, exterior areas, flow of chi, the bagua, the I Ching, and incorporates teachings of Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun.

The 77 hour Professional Consultant Certification Training Program consists of a combination of 40 hours of “in person”, hands- on, classroom study, conference calls, field trips, on site consultation and space clearing, out of classroom projects, personal observations, meditations, bagua study, I Ching, marketing your business, EMF’s, Chi Flow, Color and Furniture placement, transcendental adjustments, blessings.

Laurie Pawli is the Founder and Director of the school, and has taught and certified hundreds of students from all areas of the world. Laurie is Certified from the Integrative School of Feng Shui (2001) and has studied with Professor Lin Yun, Katherine Metz, Crystal Chu, Roger Green, Eliott Tanzer and many others. She sends her mom much love and gratitude for placing her on the Feng Shui path!

Hi, I’m Laurie and it’s my pleasure to meet you! Feng Shui is my absolute passion… I’ve seen how simple changes in your home or office can impact life and get such positive results.  Feng Shui works….it’s just that simple. When you change your external physical environment, the internal energy inside of you shifts, too.  You can FEEL it!  

My journey has led me to learn from Professor Thomas Lin Yun, and follow the teachings of BTB.  My intention is that we will chat soon about the wonders of Feng Shui, and that I may be able to assist you on your path to design with energy.